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The Burning Quad



July 25, 2015

9:00am – 4:30pm

Downtown Evansville, Indiana Riverfront


A criterium or ‘crit’ race is a bicycle race. As defined by the governing body, USA Cycling-

4065“A criterium is one of the most common forms of competitive cycling in the United States. Designed for spectators, criteriums are races held on short, typically urban, circuits between 800 meters to five kilometers. These fast-paced events are usually 10-60 miles and usually last between 30 minutes and two hours. The relatively short, closed course features several corners and gives spectators the opportunity to view the majority of the course and see competitors many times throughout the race. Primes, pronounced “preems” are sprints within a race for all riders in the main field including breakaway riders who have lapped the field. Riders who win the prime are awarded prizes even if they do not win the overall race. Primes are used to create excitement in the middle of the race. A circuit race is a general term used for road races that are contested on a course that is more than three miles and has at least two laps.”

In layman’s terms, it’s short track racing. America loves Nascar and this is cycling’s version. Crit racing is more popular here in the US than in other parts of the world. As where a grand tour bike race covers a long distance and spectators only see the riders for a brief moment, crit races are short and you can cheer on your favorite riders or teams each lap.

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8:00am Registration opens

9:00am (9:30am)
Men 5
30 Minutes

9:40am (10:00am)
Women 4
20 Minutes

9:40am (10:00am)
20 Minutes

10:10am (10:55am)
Men 4/5
45 Minutes

11:00am (11:50am)
BMX Demo

12:05pm (12:50pm)
Masters 40+
Masters 50+
45 Minutes

1:00pm (1:45pm)
Women Open
45 Minutes

1:55pm (2:55pm)
Men 3/4
60 Minutes

3:15 pm (4:30pm)
Men 1/2/3
75 Minutes


The course is a 1.15 mile loop starting on the northbound lane of Riverside Dr. at Vine Street. The riders will go north to the Court Street intersection and make a sweeping left hand turn down the D4004ress Plaza boat ramp. They will continue running the full length of the boat ramp south. The racers will then exit on to the southbound lane of Riverside Drive and make a 180 degree turn at the Cherry Street intersection. They will then race north on Riverside to the second turn. Making a right hand turn at Locus, they will head east until pass the Old National Bank parking garage. The racers will between the parking garage and the EVSC building then exit left on to the bricks of Main Street. They will exit Main St by making a right hand turn back on to the northbound lane of Riverside Drive. Following Riverside Drive they will drag race two blocks back to the start/finish line.


$5000 in Cash and Prizes